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May 25, 2021

This week on the 5 Star Living Show Felina B Flossin and Monickie Scott talk with Ellena Smith- owner of Easy Days Drive Thru Mini Mart in Las Vegas, near UNLV.

Ellena was born in Inglewood California, rasied in the Inland Empire and moved to Las Vegas in 1998.  She studied Pre-Law at Liberty University and is a certified Paralegal.  As a single mother she raised six children and has owned several businesses.  A beauty salon in Los Angeles in 1994 and a catering company in 2010.  Her background also includes twenty years in Auto Sales.

What we discussed:

-How the Covid Shutdown shifted her busines model

-Fifty Small Black Businesses under one roof...WOW!

-How to hurdle your way over the obstacles to get to the YES you wanna hear