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Oct 21, 2019

This week Felina B Flossin and Monickie Scott Interview Special Guest - Cynthia "Ms CJay" Judge

Three time cancer survivor who has lived with breast cancer related Lymphedema for over 40 years. Having gone undiagnosed for more than twenty years, she finds the time and strength the educate others about this condition and is a passionate and dedicated Lymphedema advocate. For Ms Cjay living a balanced life means getting to do the things she loves to, while still getting done the things that need to get done. Ms Cjay also host a podcast " the Lymphedema Mavens"

What was discussed :

-What happens when you're not prepared for success
-Why we hold on to things we need to let go of
-Why it took so long to get diagnosed with Lymphedema
And how it led to advocacy
-Who is at highest risk for getting Lymphedema and why you may have it and not know.

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