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Jul 13, 2021

This week on the 5 Star Living Show Spotlight, Felina B Flossin and Monickie Scott talk with AK.

Meet AK!

Ak is a local Las Vegas Comedienne, Activist and Radio Show Host who decided to use her comedic platform as a vehicle to impact her community.  What started as a few friends donating clothes for AK to hand out to the homeless population, bloomed into the grassroots organization known as "AK's Closet."

Oh there's much much more!  Listen ...Learn...and Laugh....lots of laughing. 


What we discussed:

- Her Super Successful Community Baby Showers

-Bringing Back What It Means To Have A Village

-The hilarious story about how she became a comedian lol lol lol

-Why some people laugh more than others

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