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Nov 9, 2021

This week on the 5 Star Living Show Spotlight, Felina B Flossin and Monickie Scott speak with Racquel Boumah Watson.  Affectionately known as Justyn's Mom.  She is Executive Director of Heroes & Hearts and Momanger of Justyn Boumah.  Through her family support and kindness, she is able to stay home with Justyn and manage his organizations.

Before becoming a Momanger, Racquel was a business owner in both Las Vegas and Central Africa.  She has two degrees- one in Graphic Design and the other in Moving Graphics.  Racquel works everyday to ensure Heroes & Hearts is everything Justyn wishes.

What we discussed:

- Changing the world through Justyn's eyes

-How frustrations led to inspiration

-Hearing from God through your child's voice